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Dogzonline SHOW DOG OF THE YEAR  2019 -2020 Australia's NO1. Shar-Pei is ...Jagger

Toowoomba Royal 2021 Jagger Best of Breed and Best In GROUP !

Toowoomba Royal 2021 Fanny Runner up best of Breed 

Brisbane Royal 2019 "Blanche" Best of Breed

Brisbane Royal 2019 Jagger Runner up Best of Breed

Toowoomba Royal 2019 "Jagger" Best of Breed 

Toowoomba Royal 2019 'Blanche' Runner up Best of Breed

Brisbane Royal 2018 "Blanche" Best of Breed

Brisbane Royal 2018 "LuLu" Runner up Best of Breed

Toowoomba Royal 2018  'Fryeda' Best of Breed

Toowoomba Royal 2018 'Sven' Runner up Best of Bred

Sydney Royal  2017 'Sven'  - Best of Breed  

Brisbane Royal 2017  'LuLu' - Best of Breed

Brisbane Royal 2017  'Fryeda' Runner up Best of Breed 

Canberra Royal 2017  'Sven' - Best of Breed


On a perslonal note,

I first fell in love with this breed in 2009 when I met my very first Shar-Pei " ZsaZsa "

A beautiful 5 point red horse coat girl met me in the driveway of her breeders house and it was

love at first sight .  We drove home that day with me professing my love for her and she just looked

deep into my eyes with gentle love and kindess. This is where my love for Shar-Pei and the "Horse Coat" came from.


We have gone against the grain here in Australia and have bred some of the highest "Show Quality" horse coats

that sit equally alongside our stunning and award winning "Brush Coats"

We strive to breed not only the highest quality Shar-Pei by adhearing to the breed standard that is set out

by the A.N.K.C  but also to breed well balanced great natured dogs that can be the BEST family members.






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Darcy Stratford
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0405321851
Email : [email protected]

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